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Training With Hailey

USDF Bronze, Silver, & Gold Medalist + trainer to University of Tennessee’s Intercollegiate Dressage Team

"Seeing the progression between horse and rider excites me. Whether you’re GP or just learning on a new horse. 


Dressage can be overwhelming if you haven’t had someone break down the “why” and the “how”. Riders have often come to me scrambling for “Oh gosh, maybe outside rein? Inside leg? Inside rein? Outside leg?” And it ends with frustrated riders and horses becoming crooked and defeated. 


I take a step back with my riders to teach them how and why certain aids affect your horse and how different corrections can be applied appropriately for the question and not in a "Hail Mary" fashion (I know we’ve all been there). 


I am a big proponent for correct lunge line work, removing the stressor of rein aids for riders to focus on their position and how their leg and seat aids affect the position, tempo, and flexibility of the horse. I frequently have new riders go from pulling, downhill, and frustrating transitions, to riding fluid and uphill transitions on the lunge line with no reins or assistance from me. 


I am confident in my ability to make training as stress-free with as many light bulb moments as you need to make dressage fun again."



When you choose Seals Sport Horses as your guide through dressage training, you can expect a sound foundation,  confidence building encouragement, and the tools you need to build your foundation into a successful upper level rider.

My expectations for students is to be respectful of the learning environment, to apply your skills consistently outside of lessons, and to operate as a team and support our other riders.


In turn, your education will be highly respected, you will be given tools to easily apply on your own, and you will find a high level of support from our other riders.


Before a career in dressage, I competed through the preliminary level of eventing and up to the 1.45m height in show jumping. 

I have earned my USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for achievements up to the Grand Prix level of dressage.

I have always found joy in training the horses that historically have not been set up for success. Maybe it is a horse that was previously in the wrong career, has some baggage or trauma, or hasn’t quite found their groove yet.

I love the puzzle and mental stimulation of these horses and I have always been rewarded by giving them the opportunity to love dressage.

That said, I also love the process of  sourcing top quality, competition ready dressage and jumping horses. Seeing them succeed with their new owners and getting updates throughout the years is very exciting for me!

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